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Wing Chun

Wing Chun Revealed secrets

Early 1910s China Foshan, Guangdong Today, Wing Chun is known over the world with a total of a few million practitioners Yet initially, it was a private martial art that was forbidden to be passed on to others and thus hardly known by the public

Two centuries ago, Qing soldiers burnt Shaolin One of the five fugitive monks Ng Mui escaped During her flee from the Monastery, she encountered a peculiar scene Ng Mui was inspired by it and since then a fierce and intense martial art was born Later, she imparted the skills to a young girl

The girl’s name was Yim Wing-chun This style favours “short arm bridge, narrow stance” and stresses speed and redirecting external forces Emphasizing on one’s response makes it flexible and practical Wing-chun mastered the skill and left Before Ng died, she stated that the skill should only be used against Qing Dynasty and hence not to be passed on easily

Decades later, the secret of this martial art was spread to the opera actors in Foshan, Guangdong The Red Junk Opera was the base for anti-Manchu activities The actors utilized the logs on the ship and made wooden dummies out of them for trainings They also used steering poles as weapons Yet, only a small group of people knew the secret of Wing Chun

Until one day, the actors passed their skills to a young man He eventually became a martial arts master in late Qing Leung Jan was called “the Wing-chun King Mr Jan from Foshan” Mr Jan was righteous and helped others all his life He organized the techniques of the art and passed it to people outside the Red Junk Opera

Gradually, Wing Chun was known by more people His grand-disciple Yip Man became the Grandmas and had numerous students He took Wing Chun to a great exposure and made it well known over the world Wing Chun the Real Art Vinz: Martial arts should be practical instead of for show Kyokushin Karate Training Place, Hong Kong Vinz, an actor who grew up in France, is a Black Belt Taekwondo student He now receives Kyokushin Karate trainings

Like many other martial arts lovers, his sole reason for learning it was Bruce Lee I have heard of Bruce Lee since I was studying As a Chinese, he excelled in Kung-fu, with speed and agility Although Vinz sees Bruce Lee as his idol, he is not quite convinced of Kung-fu’s power when it comes to actual combat Often, we only practice basic forms (taolu) of Kung-fu With no combat trainings, the forms alone can hardly equip us with combat efficiency

Some say Kung-fu is less robust than it looks Bruce Lee’s first training is in Wing Chun so I would also like to experience its power Macau To experience the true power of Wing Chun, Vinz followed the directions given by the Hong Kong Martial Arts Association to look for a low-profile expert in Macau In the 1950s, many martial arts masters moved to Hong Kong to impart their Chinese martial arts skills Thus, the essence of the country’s martial arts was preserved in this tiny city

Yip Man set up a school in Hong Kong and had generations of students One of them now opened a school in Macau A master who excels in Kung-fu may live in this old tenement I hope I can find genuine Wing Chun here – Brother Shek – Coming! Master Loi is upstairs

– Is he practising? – Yes – Let’s go up – Sure How many floors are there to go? This is the fifth floor, we are located at the sixth, one floor to go Good Master Loi, Vinz is here

OK Vinz, this is Master Loi Master Loi, nice to meet you He wants to learn from you Sure

Master Loi Meng-fai is the Kung-fu grand-disciple of Yip Man He used Wing Chun to compete in martial arts boxing competitions thirty years ago No opponent could win when he fought with his powerful moves He has never been defeated both in and outside of the ring After he retired from competitions, he left Hong Kong and lived in Macau

He is a Buddhist and a vegetarian now He is no longer the “ruthless fighter” He believes he can be calmer now during a combat You practice Karate? Yes, Master Loi Good, show me what you know and I’ll teach you according to your knowledge

Oh! I did not break it, let me try again Please teach me, Master Loi Great Loi: The Kung-fu he learnt emphasizes strength and toughness He started off with toughness

Yet Wing Chun emphasizes softness and flexibility There must be certain difficulties for him to shift from one extreme to another He has to start from the beginning, relax and practice The first lesson Master Loi gave Vinz was to let him experience the power of the straight-line punch It’s powerful

Without this pad, I would have been knocked down by the first punch I cannot take this Relax, focus on your elbow Punch fast, you have to punch fast Try to relax and punch fast

Tighten at the very end and then relax immediately The wise thing about this punch is to attack the front at the centre line, using the shortest path to reach the opponent Punch as soon as possible Use your forearm to punch Focus on your elbow

Try to punch Right Right Right These few punches are not bad, right

Because you did not relax in time I did not relax in time? You pressed it down after the punch Pay attention On contact with the punching bag, my hand has already relaxed Why does the punching bag bounce? Because my hand has relaxed on contact and no pressure was exerted on the punching bag

That is why it bounces Practice more and relax your hand then, the punching bag will bounce Right, these few punches are not bad Wow, I scratched my skin It is hard to practice the straight-line punch

It would take me three or more years to punch like Master Loi and make the punch bag bounce I am still trying to grasp the idea Start! Locale of “The Legend Is Born: Ip Man” Since two years ago, when the film Ip Man was in the cinemas immense interest in Wing Chun was aroused again That pillar Reach the first pillar

One, two, three! Vinz is an actor himself He come to the filming set today to visit his friend Master Sin Kwok-lam Vinz was a fan of Hong Kong Kung-fu films All Kung-fu stars are his idols You did this kick in a movie and I remembered it till now

A cartwheel, a I still remembered that clearly A flip, a turn and a side kick

I remembered it till now Sin Kwok Lam invests in movies and is also a Wing Chun master In order to emphasize genuine Kung-fu, everyone in his crew has to learn Wing Chun Sin: A lot of people doubt the practicality of Wing Chung Perhaps it is due to the fact that it is founded by a woman

Is it practical? Or I should put it this way Set aside whether it is useful for female, someone as short as I am, five foot seven, 140lbs, how can I defeat a 200lbs person? Because it uses softness to counteract toughness redirecting the strength and not trying to meet it head on – It’s very fast – Punch harder, Rose It’s very fast, very fast He can withstand that, he is skilful

Really Macau In order to experience the power of Wing Chun, which is also practised by his idol Bruce Lee, Vinz, who sees practicality as the essence of martial arts, comes to Macau to have his three-week Wing Chun trainings A few days passed in a flash Not bad Pull it down a bit, a little will do

Continue, do not stop Since Vinz has learnt other martial arts before, I still need time to evaluate his abilities He has already improved Of course he cannot grasp too much in such a short period It would be best if 20 people attack me together and I knock them down one by one

This is a movie scene that is not possible in reality My master told me to run in such situation Movies and martial arts are totally different This is what I believe Master, I want to be as powerful as you

It is easy if you practice If Bruce Lee were still alive, who would win in a fight? I have not learnt Wing Chun at that time Wing Chun’s major principle is occupying the centre line Once you occupy the centre line you can protect your vulnerable parts and attack at the same time For instance, when you punch, I occupy your centre line and push through in the middle

Your hand is forced to the side I may also come from the side and push to the middle I can also occupy your centre line this way Wow! I can come in from both angles A single arm occupies the centre line and breaks through the opponent’s attack

This is called “dissolving the attack by a strike” Bend your legs when you open you stance Many martial arts adopt the wide stance Yet Wing Chun uses the Goat Clamping Stance I can kick any time

Side kick Straight kick All from this stance The Goat Clamping Stance’s triangular structure enables us to strike a balance between being stable and flexible When the opponent strikes the center, this stance enables us to react at once so we can strike and dissolve the attack

If it is the wide stance, the whole body is turned to the side and only one arm is available for use The other arm is at the back The back arm can only be used to defend If you use the back hand, your whole body has to turn and this reduces the speed If it is the Goat Squeezing Stance, I punch after I kick

Since both arms are at equal position, I can use them both at the same time If the opponent strikes at the side with one arm, we have the advantage by using both arms to deal with one arm Even if the opponent uses both arms, we are fighting with equal power It is also important to attack and defend at the same time This is a Palm up punching by both hands

Attacking and defending at the same time I sneaked a punch! Master Loi, thanks for holding back You have only touched me, not punched Actually, we like to get as close as possible when we defend Closer? Would that be too dangerous? – No – You can try

– Right? – I lose my balance even more easily It is more fatal for there is no way out Laymen would think both sides got punched yet it was only a touch It is okay for the opponent to touch you The closer the opponent gets, the harder it is for him to deal with it

This restaurant is good Is this a piece of meat? Does it look like it? It tastes like it – It tastes like luncheon meat – Yes Master Loi, how does being a vegetarian affect practising Wing Chun? Before I was a vegetarian, I was more ferocious I became calmer and my skills improved after I gave up eating meat

– Does it make a difference? – Yes We need to use our wit a lot in Wing Chun I will be a vegetarian like you Do you have enough strength with such diet? It does not affect the energy does not come from meat It comes from carbohydrates

Where can we find that then? Rice A bowl of rice, please! – I think we are almost finished – Yes Can I go and buy a chicken drumstick? – We have it here too – No, it is OK We have vegetarian drumstick

There is some outside, let’s go outside Really? Don’t worry, I am old enough to take care of myself Sticking hands is a unique two-person drill in Wing Chun It is also a fighting form and a skill How to make your next move after making a contact during a fight, is called Sticking hands

Wing Chun practitioners are so familiar with it that their reactions become spontaneous during a combat Attack Attack? – Attack – OK Since we can feel the opponent the moment we touch him, it is easy for us to predict his next move

You are also in control of his hand This is what Sticking hand does Use your feelings See who is more sensitive Or else I would have got the advantageous position

This is Sticking hands The calmer you are during a combat, the more clearly you observe As people always say, “in stillness you can observe those in motion” Stay calm so you can see the opponent’s moves It’s fast, I cannot take it

Foshan, Guangdong Foshan is the centre of traditional Southern martial arts As one of the southern martial arts, Wing Chun also originated from Foshan Young people from different places come to Foshan to learn martial arts Yip Man Hall was built to commemorate Yip Man Most exhibits here were donated by Yip Man’s son Yip Ching

Photos of Yip Man were displayed The wooden dummy he used Mr Jan’s medical manuscripts as well as information on Yip Man’s students Uncle Ching, were all guys in the past good at fighting? – Not necessarily – Not necessarily? Ching: Frankly, oldman like me do not fight, we only talk about that

We no longer know how to fight Bruce Lee took this picture before he left for USA No, It should be when he came back to visit It seems like that He is wearing shades even when he took a picture with Grandpa Man

Perhaps he would become a tougher fighter with his shades on We teach Wing Chun in the US and Europe now Dispersing hand The foreigners wouldn’t have known what to do unless they have learnt Wing Chun before Dispersing hand, wing arm, sinking hand, pulling hand They understand all the above terms

Bruce Lee was the first to teach Wing Chun abroad without translation It was right for him to promote Chinese – He did not translate – He taught in Chinese If one want to learn Chinese Kung-fu, one has to understand the Chinese terms involved Ching: Wing Chun’s pole form is called “Six and a half point pole”

It easy to learn but hard to excel A master will only teach his student after he learn all forms of punches Right My pole is positioned above your pole I tap it down

After tapping, I push it downwards then I thrust my pole forward Yours has been pressed down When we talk about the Six and a half point pole, why is it just “half”? When we raise the pole, and let it sink it does not just fall like this When it sinks, the tip of the pole arcs down Just like a question mark

That is why it is called “Six and a half point” Wing Chun uses the Goat Clamping Stance but the Six and a half point pole uses the traditional wide horse stance Hence someone said that this pole form did not originate from Wing Chun It was said that Jee Shin, one of the five fugitive monks from Shaolin sought refuge with the Red Junk Opera He noticed that the oars men had great arm strength and had potential for Kung-fu

Thus, he taught them to fight with poles This pole form then blended with Wing Chun system Push it down Your student learns fast and is willing to practice A martial arts fanatic

The Chin Woo Athletic Association of Foshan has 75 years of history Its building is in best condition and largest in the family It is maintained in its original structure This is the statue of Huo Yuan-jia, founder of the Association Master Leung of Wing Chun is the chairman of the Association now

Vinz: Today we visit the Chin Woo Athletic Association I had never thought such an association existed We Kung-fu practitioners like to trace the roots Especially fans of Bruce Lee, like us, like tracing back to Huo Yuan-jia I have always wondered if such places are real and amazingly, they are

You will pay extra effort practising here since the environment helps Candice is the student of Master Leung She has been learning Wing Chun in Canada before coming to Foshan She gave up her work and came to Foshan to learn Kung-fu a year ago Protecting hand

Wing arm Yes Candice: Foshan is one of the birth places of Wing Chun So deciding where to come to learn Wing Chun, I thought, what better place than Foshan the birth place? Learning Kung-fu in Foshan is not easy for Candice She teaches English at night to cover daily expenses

Every morning, she practices on the wooden dummy and heads to the studio for further practice Leung: I believe foreign students who come all the way to Foshan to learn Kung-fu admire our traditional culture at the first place They learn attentively, treasure the time they have and are very diligent – Determination – Determination

I am determined to be a Wing Chun master What will I do when I become a Sifu? I hope to encourage many other women to also do more martial arts, Wing Chun in particular But I don’t think it’s for me to decide what will happen I have my plans But I don’t know where Wing Chun will take me

Macau Vinz is halfway through his Wing Chun trainings in Macau At the end of his trainings, Master Loi has arranged a match to test how much he has learnt My own master made me practice throughout the day Around 7 to 8 hours a day In the morning, I did the basics, like hand forms and practices on the wooden dummy In the afternoon I practised Sticking hand

No response Where have you been these few days? At night, I did physical fitness trainings Squats Short-distance sprints Not too low, bounce a bit

Wow it is hard work to bounce the whole body Right Really quite difficult It’s really hard, Master You are amazing! After these, you are exhausted and it’s time to practice fighting

Continue, continue! Right Right Right The training is really intensive But I will strive on

Moreover, Master is really serious in teaching me He trains me with his heart So I have to pay even more effort and not let him down I am serious since I benefited a lot too In general, he learns fast

Of course he is not very diligent But he is quite hardworking In Wing Chun, we do not wait for the opponent to attack You can take the active role to attack Biu Ma (Forward Stance) is about occupying the opponent’s position

Master, I can see that your leg is thrust between his legs This is called “Yup Ma” (Enter Stance) Which means invading into the opponent’s stance This imposes greater threat on the opponent since he cannot move around Biu Ma cuts through the opponent’s centre line and defeat his stance Master, I got it! Did you see that? Yes, not bad

Once you have invaded his stance, it is hard for him to move But he still has an obstacle to overcome – his pride You should defend like this This is the counter move I taught you, right? Master, you are awesome I salute to you

For instance when I am teaching him how to combat and he loses badly He still wants to sneak a punch even if it never works and never reaches me Perhaps he believes that helps him save face But actually it does not work When one learns Wing Chun, not only Wing Chun, it applies to every other thing as well

it is hard to improve if one does not let go of one’s pride Oh, defeated If you are not willing to accept failure, how can you win? What do you want to eat? Master brings you here to have congee

Master, can I not eat congee? It’s up to you But anyway, why do we need to eat congee after trainings? Because we all perspired a lot and we do not want to eat other things Of course we want food that restores fluids in our bodies We do not have appetite Is everyone like this after trainings? If you still have such appetite, it means you are not practising hard enough

Make him work harder tomorrow, brother It may not be true that I have not practised enough But it’s true that I have a good appetite Do you really fight better after having congee at midnight? It depends on the opponent But your power definitely improves

Let us all improve our power together Have a bowl, your Master will not trick you A bowl of congee please Taking advice is good There is a saying that if you have midnight congee means you practice Kung-fu

People in the past are more subtle It does not sound nice to say “I have practised fighting” Brother, you are so straightforward Actually, are there any other techniques you have not taught me? When you practice you said it’s hard No, no

Any secret technique that ensures victory? Ensures victory? It is said that Wing Chun is especially suited for fighting in the narrow alleys of Guangdong Loi: Wing Chun is a sport that suits human structure Compared with other Kung-fu, the short bridge and narrow stance of Wing Chun works extra well in confined spaces If it was designed for anti-Manchu purposes it would not be slow and time consuming Thus, it is a martial art that is practical and quick to knock the opponent down

Through 200 years of actual combat Wing Chun has developed and evolved into a practical martial arts that is not fancy Christopher is one of the very few foreign Wing Chun masters in Hong Kong He used to be in the US marine and had been trained in wrestling and boxing Fourteen years ago, he came to Hong Kong to learn Wing Chun with only a few hundred US dollars A few years later, he became a master

Chris: Basically I lived at the school, you know I mean I was training 14 to 16 hours a day Some people would go in there just for fun Like a habit for some, they’ve been there for so long And I came in, it was just, you know, nonstop Practicing I wasn’t there to make friends, I wasn’t there to please anyone else

I was there to make myself the best fighter that I could be The best warrior that I can be One, two, three, cross the bridge It’s OK, you can punch You still want forward action

Christopher chose Wing Chung because he is interested in close combats When you look into Wing Chun in its roots, it really is a street-fighting martial art That’s the beauty of it There are millions of Wing Chun practitioners around the world But so few turned it into an effective fighting system

This is really what I focus on It’s making my instruction towards Wing Chun as a fighting system Look at the number of martial art practitioners out there in the world 95 percent of them, they focus on the hand 70 percent of fights that happen in the street, there’s always a weapon involved

A knife, or there’s a stick, or there’s a bottle or there’s a gun There is something People don’t like to fight fair Clark, Philippines In a shooting range in the Philippines, Christopher has launched a training programme that mixes the use of fire arms into Wing Chun Go go go

Unlike traditional Wing Chun masters, Christopher does not only teach punches and kicks He focuses on how Wing Chun can be used in different environments Whatever situation occurs, I try to think of how can I respond with my footwork

If my VIP just kind of, standing there, I want to have my good footwork So I show you “Biu Jee” here You have the basic footwork And I need to shield, so immediately, my footwork is here I put my VIP behind me

As I draw my weapon, and then I retract, you can see my footwork, and how I move He is attacking me And I immediately attack him Strike his ear, punch his face, chop the neck whichever And maintain my protection to the weapon system and I get him out of the way

But now, I have a nice human shield and I can shoot I can’t walk out to a lot of average people or a lot of average students and say, hey, come and do Chinese Kung-fu, come and learn Wing Chun They’ll say, you’re crazy I say no But I will slowly mould your mind to this philosophy

I’ll show you the effectiveness that it has And that is going help save people’s lives For law enforcement, for military, for security, for everyone Macau Vinz training is coming to an end Master Loi is finally teaching him the advance set called “Biu Tsz” (Indicative Finger)

People in the past say “Biu Tsz doesn’t leave the door” We don’t display it in front of others What about now? We are not performing it to others now We close the windows and doors and teach you now The set is not what most people thought it to be

It is not striking with finger tips The name originated from an ancient proverb: ‘The finger indicating the moon is not the moon’ It means looking further ahead and not the nearby Don’t focus on how I lost, but how I turn defeat into victory It’s blocked, the elbow is pushed to this side You may punch

Use this hand to release yourself, turning defeat into victory in one move This is very important When we use the straight-line punch and the opponent could not deal with it, they will often come to grab you The elbow comes in and saves you If you do not knock the opponent down you will get lifted up

Come on, try – Be gentle, master – OK Wing Chun needs practising to grasp the feeling and adjust the strength to use in every different set, especially it’s the first time I have such feeling Final Fight at Boxing Gym, Macau Try your best

The final test has arrived Vinz is a bit anxious Master Loi has already warmed up Vinz is going to have his last lesson here I hope to improve his fighting ability through this test

I do not have to beat him up I have not fought in at least 29 years Of course I am not as good as before Round 1 But I am still faster than a lot of people It’s stressful

I did not know it will be against Master Loi I will try not to use what I have learnt throughout the years and use Wing Chun It’s very hard I cannot fight with my usual ability He learnt the straight-line punch fast and he did quite well

Occasionally he used some Wing Chun But it is still not flexible Round 2 I also want him to feel how it is to be wearing boxing gloves and using Sticking hand I think this will give him a better experience of Wing Chun and increase his confidence in Sticking hand Once my hand touches his hand and I do not retreat, this is Sticking hand

Stop At the end of round two I will ask someone to teach him how to improve his Wing Chun attacks Master wants you to use the straight kick and straight-line punch in the last round Understood Final Round Even people who practice Wing Chun for years

Very few can apply Wing Chun to battles A lot of people separates Sticking hand and combats and fail to use them together Feel it At this time, Sticking hand is effective Some say Kung-fu is less robust than it looks so I would also like to experience its power

It’s mediocre Master, I want to be as powerful as you It is easy if you are willing to practice You can still use punches with sticking hand Stop

He fought well, better that I expected I have learnt Wing Chun for less than 20 days I am glad that I can learn from Master in this period I didn’t expect you to be my examiner Otherwise, I would not have entered the ring

I have not entered the ring for 30 years Thank you, Master He grasps ideas fast There are things that I taught him a few days ago and he tried to use them today, not bad So he deserves a pass

Master, am I a tough opponent? You really want me to answer your question? Forget what I asked then True combat has to be all-rounded Or else it’s not a true combat If there are plenty of rules, it’s only a game Ready, start

These are the mottos of Wing Chun How many can you achieve? Practice diligently, Your skills would never be far from you I did practice, you know that I know you have always considered Bruce Lee as your idol and role model I think you have great potential

Your student has a good figure and he learns fast Three years later, he will be outstanding You have been a vegetarian for days, so I bring you here for some meat Thank you so much Let’s eat!

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