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Schoology Scary School Trip Story 9

Schoology Scary School Trip Stories


Welcome to Schoology guys. A lot of schools take their students on school trips. They can be fun. They can be boring They can be memorable But what is the scariest school trip that you’ve ever heard about I think it might be one of these? I’m Danny Burke, and this is the top ten scary school trip stories.

Schoology Scary School Trip Story 10

We have a story from a small canvas town in 1957 a teacher there decided to get senior students to take the new students on a pre Halloween trip through a haunted house now the Principal thought he would play a bit of a prank and let the students find him Hanging in the dark with a rope tied under his arms And they would think he’s hanging by the neck they covered the house with creepy decorations for the students arrival they were pretty creeped out by all the rooms especially the room with the scary man hanging from the ceiling and Groaning as the last students left – teacher went to get a picture of the principal she called out his name There was no answer it was then that she realized he had tripped on the floor Decorations the rope had slipped from his arms up to his neck and he had actually died from strangulation. Makes them.

Schoology Scary School Trip Story 9

story of Horatio chapelle a 17-year old student he went on a school trip to Norway in 2011 the area was known for bears, but the leaders of the trip were pretty experienced one morning at a.m.

The group was still asleep the warning system They set up around their camp failed to detect any intruder suddenly Horatio’s tent was ripped open and there stood a Huge polar bear he barely had any time to move before the back dragged him out front of the snow Smashing his head against the rock as the rest of the camp woke up they left their tents just in time to see the bear Slam again into Horatio.

They did eventually kill the bear it was too late for him.

Schoology Scary School Trip Story 8

We have a story from the Youtube channel, Mr.. Nightmare one of his subscribers said that in his first year of high school He went on a school trip to an activity resort. He went with his friend Landon on the first day They did Go-karting rock-climbing all that stuff before going to bed that night Their ground-floor room had a sliding door with a view to the lake at p.m.

When it was dark they went to bed and last the blinds on a sliding door opened he fell asleep But was woken an hour later when Landon screamed at the window was a tall skinny old woman with long gray hair Just staring through the window She walked away leaving them in Shock at the end of the next day they fell asleep again But he woke up to silence, as if there was strange feeling looming over him He looked over at the land and to see if he was awake, but he couldn’t see him There was just black he realized something was blocking his vision of the other bed Not something someone he looked up, and there was the old woman standing over him She quickly left And they did too the very next morning.

Schoology Scary School Trip Story 7

Story starts with a New York high school who had recently suffered? The loss of a 17-year old student who had died in a car crash now the school’s forensic science club went our trip not long after to a morgue to study how they preserve organs one of the students looked at the Nametag on a jar had a human brain in it and for their horror They realized it was their classmates brain who had recently died his parents thought they had buried him with all of his organs But the morgue actually kept his brain for further study without even telling them They were sued for emotionally traumatizing the students who saw the brain.

Schoology Scary School Trip Story 6

We have a story from Backpack verse comm from a woman who says that when she was a kid she went on a nature walk school trip they were split into groups of ten for the walk as a teachers talk about nature and the History of the area they were in she hung back and then suddenly Victorian looking schoolchildren burst out of the trees Laughing and they had a white glow all around them one of them a girl Said hello would you like to play but she was paralyzed with fear She couldn’t answer the girl took her by the hand and into the woods they got to a cave Which was full of these ghostly children She said they brought her there to be initiated into their family it was then that she decided to run away And they screamed guess she didn’t stop running until she reached her teacher and although she could still see the children in the trees She knew she was safe.

Schoology Scary School Trip Story 5

We have a story that will definitely scare any parents watching in 2011 students at Lowell Elementary School in Seattle went on a school trip that needed parents to help chaperone The kids alongside the teachers now during the trip one of the parents recognized another chaperone And then suddenly it dawned on her.

Schoology Scary School Trip Story 4

He was on Washington’s most 1/6 he had been all over the TV after being arrested more than 20 times as a high violent offender And he was wanted by police. He was also the parent of one of the girls on that trip He went on the run again. The school ended up going into lockdown, but he did eventually Surrender much the relief of the other parents moving on to number four in 1986 Oregon Episcopal school went on a Wilderness experience trip to climb mount hood as the group climbed the Mountains the weather started to get Really really bad They turned around but were caught in a severe Snowstorm and decided their only option to survive was to dig out a kade in the snow for shelter until the storm passed they had Just one shovel the rest of them use their hands it took them two hours To dig the shelter and it was still too small for them it took it in turns to be in the shelter two of them Then went down the mountain to go and get help when help finally arrived they found three of the students frozen in the snow Halfway down the Mountain they could not revive them They ain’t got to the shelter and found only two of them alive one of them ended up making a full recovery But the other had to have both their legs amputated due to frostbite.

Schoology Scary School Trip Story 3

Nightmare about a kid who took a field trip to a rural zoo after looking at the animals outside for a while They entered a large building that contained animal taxidermy zall frozen in position He snuck off to the bathroom without telling his teacher when he came back out He walked along with dimly lit halls Picturing the animals moving in life before seeing a man Hidden behind a stack of chairs at the very back the man came out and asked where is the group the boy said “I don’t know?” The man then grabbed his hand and led him to an exit door and into the woods outside the boy pulled back and the man pulled harder Finally a teacher saw them and screamed the man let go and run into the woods.

The teachers saved the boy.

The trip was then obviously canceled, but as they left on the bus, he said he looked back out into the woods and saw the man crouching, smiling behind a tree. Coming at number 2 now. In 2005, Joeseph Lister went with his school to visit some caves in Yorkshire, England As they explored the caves underground, the teacher decided to bring the group back to the surface because of rising water levels When they got to the surface the teacher turned around to find that joseph was gone, The water kept rising and rising. The teacher called for help and two rescue teams came. They found Joeseph 215 meters into the flooded cave, he was rushed to hospital, but died 5 hours later with his parents by his side.

Schoology Scary School Trip Story 1

Now. In 1976, 26 children age 5 to 14 were on their way back from a swimming pool field trip in California. When the driver stopped to see of a car that broken down needed any help. Suddenly, three masked men stormed onto the bus with guns. They drove the children and the bus driver around for 11 hours, before eventually stopping at a quarry.

They then loaded them into a buried van with a tiny bit of food, some water and some mattresses to sleep on. The kidnappers then went off to go and make their ransom demands, but the phone lines were too full from all the media calls and the families looking for their children. In that time the bus driver managed to stack up the mattresses, allowing them to climb up to the top of the quarry and escape. Amazingly, all them were fine and lived to tell this terrifying tale.

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