Ridiculous Amazon Products Fart Whistle And More


Ridiculous Amazon Products

Ridiculous Fart Whistle And More

The good-for-nothing like butter What’s going on guys? I am Matthias, and today I’m looking at 10 Ridiculous things that Tanner from REKT picked out on Amazon. I’m gonna be letting you guys know whether it’s a Cash it, or a Scrap it. If you guys right now crave an of these products, the link’s down in the specific characteristics below. It helps out the path, if you’re interested and … product- prop ..* chortles* Link’s down in the description below. You know the drill, If you haven’t drilled the drill before! Click that Bell icon to get notified of our uploads because you want to click it on desktop OR on mobile, so you get Pinged right away when we upload a video because I comment back within the first 30 minutes. Despite what all the top commentaries say, I do mention back! You haters! Neck pillow.

Realistic simulation. large- oh, realistic stimulation? Yeah oven. Either is it simulating a neck pillow, Or is it simulating a prawn? Because if it’s simulating a shrimp, Not gonna even click buy because that would be the creepiest stuff in the world. Can you thoughts if you had monster shrimp this big? Dude, What if you have a large shrimp? That’s what I just said!* Laughs* It would be so uncomfortable be all hard and crusty and smell like fish oh my gosh look at her She’s in love with this shrimp.

Honestly. It doesn’t really look like a prawn that is something that. It exactly looks like a poop She’s wearing it like it’s an supplement Like an supplement like an supplementary like an supplement like an supplement like an accessory whoo. I did it.

What were we doing? at the cart Oh, Oh, it’s so creepy-crawly Love-crazed only shed up. I detest you. I don’t know why oh Oh that feels so weird do it neat Whose neck is this supposed to fit. Oh, that’s oh it smells bad Bad you know I look like at we search Okay anyone that knows what a twink is click like right now because you cool. Oh It’s choking me like why not you verify the regular review. Oh, I’m sure it looks like a poop yeah It looks like one food orange poop like someone had path too many carrots.

You know or some high seed I’m gonna have to say I captivate Garbage you don’t want this around your cervix for the rest of the video I’ll get booed in the role let alone in real life, so I can’t manage that kind of hate Toby I missed if you want that guy’s wing in the specific characteristics next commodity Decline might metal prop microphone in cloth strung wooden chest The project is that you literally only droop the mic I feel like I have so many every opportunity to do that as a boss.

You could literally you’re the only one in the role I’m the only one that can just walk into a chamber be like this is what I bided this is how it moves Drop the mic and then walk out And then everyone’s just like hey I realize an on/ off switch doesn’t make a noise and you drop it It sure does make a heavy thud it will not nonetheless create an electronic definitely sounds like feedback through an amplification organisation First drop it it broke.

Yes. It is a prop. I thought it was meant to be plunged, but it doesn’t really say that Executive drop mic. Oh it’s for executives, dude oh It’s actually pretty if you guys aren’t mindful I am technically the CEO of hi-5 Studios, which is chief operating officer? So I’m able to actually use this. I’m I’m warranted of this. I think they are trying to say well You can drop it but drop it into the plush soft localities Add to Cart oh Good exhibition though no joke Or article or plastic heavy It’s like less heavy than an actual mic.

We’re not responsible for any damages or harms caused by this product This is not a wreaking microphone only a prop we recommend discontinuing it back into the padded chest or on a soft surface Which is the opposite of what a mic lower is a mic sag is like hey listen Tim you do your job, okay? It’s not the same effect now, I’m gonna do my job But if I’m like You even squint it, dude you were like yeah, it’s a beautiful microphone.

Oh it. Actually even has the XLR input on there Perhaps it does work. Actually you have the reputations. Yeah. I requirement a lash or something Dave’s no we’re not rapping We’re just distant. We are the route offense sag the mic Yo Yes Guys I’m gonna immediately insult my boss now Your ears aren’t that big-hearted I Reputed when he strolled in today because shirt complexion. Thank you You’re not as ugly as they all say Is that your legs are you walking around on an ostrich All right guys, I’m gonna say, this is a casual.

I’m gonna introduced this on my table yo in my actual executive office Yo, that’s right relations down in the description with you on it CHAUVET DJ funfetti filmed professional confetti launcher oh son Oh boy, all I can say is that I’m happy that I don’t have to do the clean up on this set Confetti launcher oh my god, dude look what i found oh It simply continues to only save blowing.

Oh my parole for Concerts defendants or special events I feel like today’s a special occasion you know we got Tanner in on The mathias video hit some confetti, let’s hit some some confetti dude. Oh, my gosh. That’s dope okay, so here’s the deal guys “its by” $300 you know what that signifies people is that I can’t buy that right now until I know that you guys actually Require to see this product if you actually want to see this make give this video like if we affect two hundred and fifty thousand likes we will buy this and have a fun-fetti day No joke we’ll introduced confetti in this entire office But until then this one’s on layaway cuz I got to know if you guys actually want to see this this video here Toast inflatable in tin I just wonder who these products are like who is their market who who is? buying this But why is it inflatable in the tin if we have to ask yourself in the description here toast inflatable in tin It’s like they’re almost so confident that people are gonna buy this oh, it’s toast inflatable in a tin no more cause required You’re gonna buy it Toast I use this toast in case of emergency at the local greasy diner for one Nosey waitresses who saunter by and expect do you need do you want more toast? I merely inflate this toast when needed, but this is a gag endowment What else could you buy this as how is it even a gag? agh add to cart oh My gosh it’s so minuscule Emergency inflatable toast and plates in one breath.

What does it make by disaster? Well what that person said in? when you have an emergency you can overstate the toast so that beings think you have real toast like I don’t understand it I Really genuinely don’t look here’s the inflatable toast Decent sized segment of toast Well you don’t know this is gonna depletes me anytime you were supposed to jolt air out I mean, it’s not it’s definitely not a piece of toast.

Maybe it’s like Someone like really made a piece of French toast wrong You know I represent like route too many eggs. Yeah, in the French toast recipe This can’t even help you swim if you’re drowning, so it can’t be used in that kind of situations of emergency I don’t know what emergency situations is beings are laughing at you like HA look at that toastless being And then you can only* jolts* you are familiar with he didn’t have enough self-control to carry around his toast he feed it Mean you know where I– I hit myself in the face Now its doubley garbage it Snore stalker remedy boxing glove funny gags gift Snore stopper boxing glove on a wooden treat is that if you snore you literally exactly punch him in the face Precisely bruise like why can’t you only punch him in the face? Why do you need this thing it gives you the thumbs up to look? Perhaps it’s because you’re like you don’t know if that person is sleeping commando So you’re like I wouldn’t get that I wouldn’t get close to them with a persist you are familiar with But it’s a stick – a stick with a boxing glove that’s different not worth $20 When I firstly bought this I was looking for one of those boxing gloves that automatically kills out It’s so obvious that it’s not that it’s on a wooden put my fault I wasn’t paying attention and bought it before actually reading and checking out the picture was close up -CLOSE UP ?! I didn’t even click And I know it’s not that beware it doesn’t fit I tried to get this up his nostrils as the picture clearly Instructs, and it doesn’t fit now.

I don’t know how this works Add to Cart See this oh my gosh that female, she’s evil about it that’s the most evil smile I’ve ever seen on a human being i think so dude.

It looks like the — coupled with the nose doughnut? Yeah, it’s just like this chicks like you don’t even know what she’s about dood let’s see the instructions the snore show-stopper is the newest achievement in sleep study as well as rapport saver in one nifty invention One summary hitherto Resolute punch you would get reign overnight timepiece. I actually don’t think that’s true I don’t think it’s a relationship saver Yeah , no I don’t I don’t think any of those things are accurate because from what I know about relationships And when you snore if you try to if you wake person up from their sleep even when they’re snoring they’re upset Even though you technically woke the other person up all right Tanner you’re on the fervor accommodate right now Yeah, I knew this was comin’.

All right.

Oh it’s not as big as I thoughts Tanner you’re asleep right now I’ve got it tell me Tell me how entertaining this is to be woken up. I can do this in a pair variety of ways, okay? I want to you to give me every selection so I can really okay — first off you’re snoring right? it merely felt Like a small mitt That was the like your bride loves you approach this is the partner somewhat vexed approach That got you? no it would get me, but it almost broke my rib if you got me Okay, so now this is the the wife super annoyed okay? I’m gonna say this isn’t a relationship saver so if you crave it You can get expending the link in the specific characteristics below, but I must say Trash I’m worth going in the trash bin oh My god oh my god This is something my daughter would utterly cherish the things she acquires funny is Certainly really interesting right she finds anything That’s out of home or doing something that it shouldn’t be doing she’ll just crack up.

Here’s what’s up guys I’m gonna buy this right now Add to Cart He’s gonna do I’m gonna wear it and recognize what my daughter says about this But you gotta “re coming with me” on Twitter because that’s where I’m gonna berth this cuz it can’t be in this video since we are filmed it a completely different season so I’m gonna do that I’m gonna get her action follow me on Twitter and Wait for that when it comes out Elephant hat very descriptive.

Oh wow this cheap you hear that This is cheapest material you could ever buy Like an elephant beak or whatever you call it Not what it consider this to be it looks like an antelope you’re doing an ant eater is when an anteater yeah This looks like an anteater.

Oh that kid must be monstrous cuz it worked for him Oh he applied the ears to the side like this. Okay. I look like clean Amidala. I was awaiting the exact Dude weren’t you biggest wizard Wars fan literally about to say that I was like waiting and- I just wanted me to oblige the nerdy Reverence? I was like you for you Did I want to let you know whether it’s a cache of garbage on my Twitter alright feel like this is just awkward this is Just like I can’t like exactly the channel you’re ploy Reactor aerobar body blade. Oh my term is this gonna be hot. What is that? Is it like a bow and arrow? I think it’s a bow exercise oh How do you use it? Let’s find out how to use it? Oh , no need to support stabilize? No stop say Z look at this Jay Z look at this Suzy neat squatting neat squatting suzy, Add to Cart After I watched that video I’m now a trained professional I’m gonna advise you to utilize this thing to get the most out of it So you get that yoke ogle just flap it There you go, Oh, why are you uncoordinated path this week, so see ya.

Oh this seems pretty good touch it to the sand Accommodate it only on the top and make it been Yes , not back and forth very quickly More coordinated there “theres going” look at that.

This is I can feel where this is burning right now good Okay, so now we’re gonna doubled exercise this you grab that and do what? This isn’t getting a exercising for both of us. Yep. This is working I Find the fat melting off like butter change back and forth, bro Can you do that you got the moves? He’s a gamer. Oh my gosh That’s tough, okay, here’s the thing about this produce though there’s a lot of the methods of get those precise muscles wreaking that don’t shape you gaze so Embarrassing like the shake weight.

You know you don’t have to do whatever that is oH javelin toss Walker brand Inc the original fridge Locker stop refrigerators Do you not have this problem in the agency someone feed my lunch? I represent in that speciman it would have been good to Have my lunch locked out So you are familiar with so person at the least when they look in the fridge like is that a dead a no no It’s just Matt’s lunch. Hey, that’s good that consider this to be Yeah, right simply in the refrigerator I’d be a extremely mean don’t do it We do not condone that nor have I ever done chrome metal combining lock select your own compounding wall securely snap together and lock Secure anything quickly and readily it is very portable Could you thoughts the roommate path in opening up the fridge being like I? Can’t get out that If you think I’d have just one of them you’re wrong.

I have like six members of them in my friend oh That’s what I’m kid, that’s what that’s what I’m curious about I’m curious like What going on in here the roommates mind that likes to embezzle nutrient where reference is appreciates the enclosure? Is he looking at it becoming like? That’s so stupid like I never take your food, or is he like or is he get like oh dang it? I can’t get it back.

I don’t know I feel like this is a last resort situation Add to Cart All right fridge Locker perfect for home office or dormitory you Don’t trust those college teenagers especially with your your henna your henna your imitation Hennessey’s No, I was gonna say henna tattoos usage combining well-ventilated exceedingly portable look at this person Almost isn’t like a knot of material oh Okay, let’s build this and take a look at if I can’t actually go into it all right people so we’ve built it Tanner has built it here and he’s gonna obscure some of his his far-famed fresh cookies and this invention and we’re gonna find out how quick I can get these cookies out actually there’s there’s really not that much room in here almost no I Seem like if you’re trying to save these cookies or something let’s say, that’s all you cared about right Here’s what I’m gonna try to do.

I’m gonna try and get A cookie you like the Cookie Monster. I’m like the Cookie Monster, okay, so first I have to figure out kind of how it cultivates right let’s say. I just popped it out of the fridge stays there Look I got the cookie container open right now all I have to do is really squish a cookie through If my roommate did this are you more concerned about anything? You only feeing my meat do a game if I get the cookie small-minded enough I can fit the majority of members of it through You see that look at that.

Oh my gosh.

I get half a cookie through Why are you so happy about going half a cookie the book it’s all much better when you pay it You have to be very wise about what you put in this design because I’m gonna say cache it Because it’s probably meant to set like occasions that likewise can be secured but obviously these cookies. I detest them a run for their coin Before you get into the next couple of products make sure you subscribe here by clicking that big-hearted ol agree button down below if the Text is red that means you’re not Subscribed and you’re not gonna hear more of these videos unless you go searching for them so click Subscribe. I’ll be in your sub be Part whistle oh oh to entertain retain and you’re preoccupied with the flagellation.

I mean are we all Here’s the here’s the specific characteristics gazes breathtaking There’s nothing about its purpose examines awesome. Hey, bro this may not work, but it appears breathtaking when you blow it What else the naughty noisemaker fart fart fart? She’s like oh use the thing the largest situation about like fart machines or whoopee cushions Or you know the usual duty doll is that you can do it remotely? Or it gets triggered by someone else right you want to stimulate your sub work.

This is just gonna Make you look like you farted I don’t see the purpose in because also you could just do this and maybe even more accurate Do you think Tanner that they are able to make a better fart interference than this so I crave a soaked part That was so dry Dude that was if your your laughingstock buttock was exactly sandpaper a Wet part you want to know what a soggy fart clangs Bowser perfect, this is a soaking part Cuz you can discover some material came to see you That’s how I know you have a child because that’s exactly what children do So is what art are in addition to cart ‘? Fart whistle the Noddy noisemaker okay? So you think you can make better fart noises in this Tanner cuz I was not satisfied with the interferences that you cleared That’s a kazoo you bought a kazoo how’s that? Civilize What oh no, I descended my keys I have to go pick them up This is the worst well good let me let me try it merely to prove to you guys that I’m not making this up I’m not blowing too hard all right.

This is how it sounds.

I’m gonna go soft Sounds like a fog How is that a fart Now it’s a flute On dirt Why such a Crabby photos, this is the creepiest happening I’ve ever seen in my life inexpensive prop for beginners apprentices of what Beginners of perversion of sorcery pale scalp ambiance make sure to buy a silk silk not included What does that mean? Actual item will differ somewhat from image manufacturer’s assure only when acquired from approved Rockridge sorcery – Reseller use it for indetectable produce creations and fades of small objects What did that even mean it didn’t mean anything shape body emblazoned plastic.

I’m out. I’m out already I’m out made of flesh emblazoned plastic Yeah Oh My gosh whose skin tone is that white-hot you I knew you I thought you’re just gonna go towards me Let’s get into this white chair is merely yours Okay seem put your thumb in there No, it’s not you’d lie close its close Mine’s darker, so how these actually work is you’re supposed to place a tissue paper inside of them And you set it on your paw And then when you remove it you take the material out and have to suspect how sorcerers gather the tissue paper? Out of their hands like this is this what you’re talking about yes Look, it’s just my normal handwriting Now I’m gonna pull out a magic trick You did it it says.

It’s a sixth thumb. Though. Are you talking about doing this? No one’s gonna know, it’s shorter It’s legit shorter and that all of my digits look It’s not blowing so activities That maybe and you’re supposed to be going around your business and is just like Except this person keeps doing its own circumstance, and hey guys.


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Ridiculous Products

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