Weed and Mellow Mushrooms in Amsterdam

Mellow Mushrooms

Mellow Mushrooms and weed

[Beep] ♫ Jolly Polka Music ♫ Ancient Greece is a founding culture of Western civilization as we know it with thanks to a handful of notable Greek philosophers, artists and visionaries including: The Greeks were soon toppled by the Roman Empire in what is historically their greatest tragedy if you discount ‘Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos’ In turn the Romans introduced Europe to Christianity and a subsequent arse-load of war, genocide, famine and pestilence which paved the way for the bustling and vibrant European tourism industry that we all know and love today

In the context of Dutch law the term “Gedogen” refers to how you can break the written rule as long as what you’re doing is good for business doesn’t hurt anyone and is discreet This basically ensured that ever since the 70’s in Amsterdam Law savvy would be drug dealers have been peddling mind-altering substances from venues they’re discreetly dubbed “coffee shops” Now, fiendish tourists like myself travel the world over to get their marijuana and until recently, Mellow Mushrooms too, from seemingly backwards places called coffee shops Which leads me to question where they think they’ll get their cappuccinos Whatever happened to getting your weed from the ground, and your mushrooms from the fresh produce aisle like everyone else? Excuse me, I want to buy some mushrooms

Are they different? How would you describe that and would you describe that? Hello guys would you like some weed and Mellow Mushrooms? No Sir, I’ve got some weed and some Mellow Mushrooms for you, Sir Fine So when you have the Mellow Mushrooms at first you feel heavy Oh very heavy One is enough, one is enough

In fact you’re probably going to have a bad time if you have the whole thing See ya later Tourist: Only if you have the whole thing To the rest of our lives! Lets go! Hi guys Hallucinogen? Sure, Sure

Oh wow! Where are you guys from? Let’s do the Mellow Mushrooms Do you want to? [Laughing] Now guys I must tell you, if you’re in Amsterdam you must do a small amount Okay? Small? Small [Indiscernible] Cheers everybody! Tourists: Cheers! Here we go, here we go! In the mouth! That will be 1 Euro each So this is 100% legitimate Amsterdam weed

No it’s not drugs, it’s weed! Well would you like some? Tourist: No Oh 100%, Sir Not only is this the most genuine Mellow Mushrooms from Amsterdam you’ve ever had Tourist: It’s okay Oh my god, I’m so sorry [Laughing] Admittedly the button mushroom don’t do much, but, if you were to move on to the shiitake Mellow Mushrooms Tourist: Just have half of it, eat it! No

Half of it No, you eat it Don’t have the whole thing! Have half each guys, and I’ll charge you 2 Euros for it You can do it whenever you want You’re an Amsterdam baby! So this weed right here is so fresh, it’s actually from the Amsterdam canals

Tourist: Yeah? Yeah, have a smell of that That’s real Tourist: It’s normal It’s just Tourist: It’s real Amsterdam weed Tourist: Yeah it’s grass! You can get it everywhere! Tourist: Ah well, there you go Well we’re right here Welcome to Amsterdam, they can get whatever you want

Darling, have you ever had real Amsterdam weed or Mellow Mushrooms? I’m faking it? What are you talking about? Sir, I’ll give you all of that for 1 Euro Tourist: For 1 Euro? It’s not drugs! It’s just weed and mushrooms! ♫ Jolly Polka Music ♫ Oh g’day, do you sell cappuccinos? Barista: Uhh yes

♫ Jolly Polka Music ♫

Source: Youtube

Mellow Mushrooms

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