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Female Gladiators
Female Gladiators

Female Gladiators Gladiatrix

Female Gladiators

Women gladiators were considered a legend for many years nevertheless Decades of research have finally confirmed their existence and role in the ancient Roman culture of gladiatorial fighting Female gladiators were often called Amazons the Romans loved the battles of women Gladiators in the arena of the Colosseum they were considered a likeness of the legendary Amazons from the east The ancient reliefs depict the male gladiators dressed and equipped as male gladiators But there are still some significant differences between them First of all female Gladiators did not wear helmets and tunics instead of tunic they wore a loin cloth They also used a sword called Gladius a shield wore protective devices on their hands and feet Some male gladiators Also did not use a helmet, but the women had another reason not to use it

They wanted to show their Hairstyles that is their gender Women gladiators appeared in Rome during a period of decline and luxury according to the records of Dian Casa petronia and juvenile women’s fights were very popular, but rare as there were few female gladiators They were also used as sexual objects for the Roman elite The battles of female gladiators were part of the life of the top of society Sometimes they were invited to private homes to entertain guests The main difference between male and female Gladiators is that women were not slaves Perhaps in later periods female slaves fought in the arenas But the first gladiators were free women usually wealthy Romans who loved to fight and saw battles as a form of entertainment sport or wanted to play a special role in society according to Tacitus a historian lived between 56 and 120 noble men did not go to the fights of women gladiators Who were extremely popular nevertheless he mentioned that once the Senators disgraced themselves? Watching the women’s fight in the amphitheater Women did not fight to earn money because they were already rich, they sought attention excitement and fame to Participate in the competition They had to get special permission from the person who organized the fights Women gladiators probably appeared for the first time during the reign of Emperor Nero Roman historian Deon Casillas described the women’s battles organized as a sign of respect for Nero’s mother In honor of his mother he Nero Conducted the most magnificent and expensive Festival for several days in five or six theaters at once There was another view the most shameful and shocking when men and women have not only lo But also higher classes became performers in the orchestra in the circus in the hunting theatre Losing his dignity They rode horses Killed wild animals and fought like gladiators some by their own wheel and some by force Other Roman emperors also like to invite female gladiators to their homes to parties and other celebrations in large Arenas there are records of the period of the reign of emperor Domitian lived between 81 and 96 Domitian often fought at night and sometimes let dwarfs and women fight against each other in the arena wrote Dione, Casillas Septimus severus also organized women’s fights around 280 and then banned them not wanting to turn them into shows where noblewomen behaved obscenely This view was also supported by Emperor, Honorius who put an end to the battles of the gladiators in? 399 the last battle took place in Rome on January 1st 202 Archaeological evidence confirmed the existence of women fighters which were described in ancient Roman Texts one of the most important archaeological Evidence is the marble slab in Halicarnassus in Turkey Dated back to first and second centuries which proves that the women of the gladiators were considered as sexual objects Currently the stove is in the British Museum it depicts two Amazons as they were called at that time The image corresponds to the description of female gladiators by famous ancient writers In 2001 in Southwark London Found the skeleton of the Roman woman identified as a female gladiator She was buried as an outcast Outside the main cemetery in the grave was a potter’s lamp with the image of a fallen gladiator and a bowl of burned pine cones Planted around the London amphitheater However some researchers are still not sure whether this woman was a gladiator or a gladiators wife July 2nd 2010 in Crenn Hill hare for sure England Archeologists have discovered the remains of other women who could be gladiators? The burial contained a wooden trunk bounded by three iron strips and clogged with iron nails The pelvis and skull bones were of the usual size But the bones of the legs and arms were large that is these women had strong developed muscles Over time archaeologists can discover more evidence of the existence of women of the gladiators Then they will leave the sphere of Legends and become a real part of Roman history You

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