Dramatical Murder Incorporated in In The French Alps Video

Dramatical Murder Incorporated

Dramatical Murder Incorporated in In The Alps

Dramatical Murder Incorporated video

Dramatical Murder Incorporated

Dramatical Murder Incorporated. A house from Britain on holiday in the French Alps are brutally assassinated A father, mother and grandmother are shot at point-blank range in their car <<They’re killed in that way, with their kids around with the mother in the car I think it’s disastrous it’s unimaginable>> A seven-year-old girl is shot and left for dead A cyclist is killed another has a narrow escape

<> The British former RAF pilot, who discovered the felony takes us back to the panorama It’s a riddle – perplexing – unsolved – Agatha-Christie whodunnit type of scenario The carnage riddle sparked a huge police investigation in 15 countries Now a witness communicates for the first time about a British gondola “hes seen” just before the assassination <
An X5 metallic grey it was right-hand-drive, English>> We investigate the assassination artillery and ask if the killer was a professional Was the family the target of an intelligence agency? Because the father worked for a high tech firm in Britain? Or was the target a cyclist, who was there that day? Or is the answer to the murder riddle closer together? We realise a friend’s extraordinary online conversations with the dead man <> That friend believed by police of being behind the assassination represents himself on Panorama in his first video interrogation <> <>[ MURDER IN THE ALPS] A late summer afternoon in the Alps a year ago[ i.e.

Dramatical Murder Incorporated part 1

In 2012] The Al-Hilli family, from England, are on holiday by Lake Annecy in France They set out for a neighbourhood beauty spot In the car: A father, baby, grandmother and two “girls ” They drive through village representatives and up a narrow road that produces high into the mountains That era an Englishman determines off for a motorcycle razz up the same superhighway Brett Martin, a former RAF pilot, has a holiday home in the area <> In the hamlet of Chevaline, Brett firstly notices another cyclist ahead of him, a Frenchman < > Brett open up the three-mile climb up the road from the hamlet <> Nestling in the French Alps near lake Annecy is the village of Chevaline which Brett Martin has just ridden through The French cyclist, Sylvain Mollier, is ahead of him Around Brett is overtaken by the Al-Hilli’s car They all continue up the steep road towards a parking discern announced “Le Martinet” A few minutes later the Al-Hilli’s car legislates the French cyclist It’s only a few-minutes-drive to the parking discern But it will take Brett another 10 hours to round there At about the Al-Hilli’s reach “Le Martinet” Harmonizing to the French police “thats what” then happens: Saad Al-Hilli gets out of the car with his seven-year-old daughter Zainab In less than a minute, four people will be dead As soon as Saad and Zainab are out of the car the gunman fires on them Sylvain Mollier arrives and is killed fatally Saad – wounded – goes in the car and tries to flee But the car get stuck on a bank The gunman prevents shooting Saad, his wife and mother-in-law are each shot at least twice at close range Zainab has been shot but the gunman has run out of bullets So he clubs her Her sister, four time old-fashioned Zeena, is concealing under her dead mother’s skirt in the back of the car She hears nothing A year ago in this beautiful spot four parties were brutally assassinated And a little girl was shot and left for dead No culprit has already been been procured Tonight we’ll be investigating what really happened here and why … The investigation is being run by the French governments in the nearby township of Annecy The prosecutor, Eric Maillaud, has given us brand-new detailed information on the assassination and what the only eyewitness to the shootings seven-year-old Zainab has been able to tell them <<She’s given us very little information She’s obviously badly traumatized by what she’s been through According to the doctor she’s blocked it out>> Zainab has only been able to tell the police: There was one bad gentleman <> We’ve gone over with key witnesses what they watched that afternoon and try to piece together what happened Brett Martin coming up the hill at about see the man we have known was the gunman, escaping <> <> < > Brett recollecting it was a traffic accident went to help Zainab He drew her to one side of the road She had quite a bad sort of fleshy harm to her right forehead You could see here eyes were wheeling and she was sort of in and out of consciousness I could actually then recognize and discover the car Its machine was revving at full revs >> Brett went over to the cyclist Sylvain Mollier who was clearly dead He plucked him clear of the revving gondola <> <> <<He’d been shot in the head I then circled around to the other side of the car to see whether anybody in the back was alive and therefore needed help And as I look into the back of the car it was very obvious, the two ladies in the back were also murdered and had been shot>> <> < > Brett tried to call the emergency services but couldn’t get a signal After checking on the little girl “hes been gone” for help <> <> <> Zainab was raced to hospital and subsisted The French forensic squad are currently in the assassination recognise for eight hours Before they made an stunning discovery Four-year-old Zeena frozen with horror in the back of the car Somehow the child had obscured under Iqbal’s skirt in her mother’s very last moment of life <> From the start the murders in the Alps intrigued “the worlds” Few evidences and no obvious inducement for killing a family and a cyclist The occasion sparked an international manhunt implying police forces not only in France but in Britain, Switzerland, Spain and a dozen other countries Investigators here in France have been working on a number of hypothesis involving the Al-Hilli family Was it a disputed inheritance? Or something to do with the family’s background in Iraq? Or could it be espionage? Because of Saad’s work as a satellite architect … <> <> The media sunk the Al-Hilli’s house in Claygate The Surrey police began to help the French investigate just who this family truly were The Al-Hillis seemed a ordinary kinfolk living a quiet life in the Home Counties Saad Al-Hilli’s parents fled to England from Iraq when he was a child His father Kadhem was a businessman His mom Fathia was a teacher He had an older brother, Zaid <> Saad had a close friend who was also originally from Iraq <
He is a very decent person, he’s very honest>> Saad and his brother Zaid both lived together in the family home in Claygate <<He’s always joking almost too much but that was, you know, his way of doing things>> Ten years ago, Saad wedded Iqbal, who instructed as a dentist in Iraq with Dr.

Alabdi <> The Al-Hillis had two “girls ” Zainab and Zeena Their father grew firm friends with another mother of the girls play group <> <> Saad hoarded his BMW and adoration to take their own families on holiday in their Caravan The daughters called it “Spotty” <> Then, a more complex picture of the loving family man initiated to emerge Saad Al-Hilli was a freelance industrial designer An expert computer draughtsman <> Saad often worked for SSTL A planet engineering firm in Guildford With his technological know-how and Middle East background sleuths still think, if Saad was a target for foreign intelligence agencies <> The police won’t say what the data on Saad’s computer was But we understand it wasn’t defense-related And his friends and family say he only worked on basic industrial designs <> <> <> <> Saad’s work signified the family living in a quiet Surrey suburb have been the subject of wilder speculation Could Iraqi agents, the Israeli Mossad or the CIA have targeted Saad Al-Hilli? <> <> The mystery of whether snoops were involved in the murders in the Alps redoubled when the identity of the fourth scapegoat was divulged The French cyclist Sylvain Mollier lived only up the hollow 10 miles from where he was killed To this day his relatives have not allowed a photo of him to be seen <> Sylvain Mollier drove in Ugine At a factory involved in the nuclear industry Which raised the question of whether he was the target because of what he knew Some people have wondered if Sylvain Mollier’s work a intention for the killings But although he worked as a technician at a nuclear related flora here in Ugine we understand he did not work on anything top secret The police checked out if there was any link between Sylvain Mollier and Saad who worked on satellites Or even the former RAF pilot Brett Martin Was Mollier riding on that road to some secret assignation? <> French sleuths may have rejected the belief the French cyclist was killed because he was involved in espionage But in Ugine where Sylvain Mollier came from there’s another slant Mollier had two children And was divorced from his wife He had a brand-new collaborator from a affluent pedigree who some think disapproved of him There ought to have reports it was his partners father who recommended Mollier take that road that day <> <> Sylvain Mollier was shot up to five times And some people believe the investigators closed off the neighbourhood street of inquiry to promptly And focused incorrectly on the Al-Hilli family as the intended scapegoats <> <> The forensic investigation has not furnished any DNA evidence as to the murderer or the reason But it has provided some vital evidences about the kind of artillery employed Bullet casings and a scrap of the grease-gun treat cracked when Zainab was clubbed The police have established the gun was a Swiss pattern Standard issue to army policemen in the past <> <> <> Jean-Robert Consolini, Switzerland’s foremost gundealer works with the police and army He exchanges many Lugers It may be an old simulation But it’s an accurate artillery <
You can disassemble it easily It’s very good>> There are 30,000 of these handguns in Switzerland alone You can buy one for about 1,500 L <> <> <<It’s eight in total>> But this weapon is not what a professional hit man is traditionally choose <> <> <
And yet we understand it was all done in a matter of seconds. Perhaps 20 or 30 seconds>> <> <> <> The assassination artillery was Swiss. And the Swiss borderline is exactly 30 miles from the murder incident So the authorities in Geneva have been tasked by the French to investigate the firearm <> So what does the type of gun and the channel it was used tell researchers about the likely killer? So there were 21 shots.

Dramatical Murder Incorporated part 2

17 touched targets. The bodywork of the car was untouched <> The French police have investigated the possibility the gunman was a deranged individual looking for any target < > Brett Martin was taken back to the stage a few weeks eventually to retrace his road and try and expose more about the gunman With a skilled marksman on the loose, whoever he was the Police were anxious <> The French sleuths wanted to understand why Brett and others nearby hadn’t heard the gunfire They stationed Police along the itinerary and fired test fires from up at the parking area <<They’ve done trials at a location where they estimate I would have been at the time the shootings took place And even listening with the technical microphones you couldn’t hear any gunfire at that point If you were located in an area clear of the river much quieter area you’d probably hear the echo through the valley But the rushing water noise has that masking effect>> The executioner had picked precisely the right blot So was he hired by someone to get rid of the victims? And if so, how did he know they would be in such a place on that day at that time? We obtained a witness, who intimates, the assassination were not carried out by one husband go alone <> This witness – a forestry craftsman – has never pronounced publicly before and doesn’t want to be identified – for panic of the killer still at large Just times before the shootings this follower was coming down the road when something caught his eyes <
It was white, white and black, with panniers on either side and the man, the rider, was all in black>> <> <> So the forestry laborer, it seems, ascertained the killer just minutes before the Al-Hillis arrived And for the first time, he’s described another vehicle he saw – and the move This automobile was British driven by someone who seems to have been an accomplice <<It’s there that I passed him – on this side He was coming really fast.

Dramatical Murder Incorporated part 3

He arrived on the left and he passed really quickly here The car was a BMW 4×4, X5 grey metallic, in good condition clean, it looked pretty new It was right hand drive, English I didn’t get much of a look at the driver But it was slightly bald and he had dark skin, no glasses>> So the forester had assured the black and white motorbike at the parking smudge And only got a couple of minutes later transferred the gray-headed BMW hastening up the mountain His account devoted the investigates a new cause And it’s backed up by two of my honourable colleagues 10 minutes later, they drove down the same road They investigated the motorbike above the parking area “Le Martinet” beyond which motor vehicles are not allowed to go <> The police have yet to issue this first brief description of the gunman It seems he was working with an accomplice to do the surveillance So was this the work of some protection agency? The hitman may have been a good marksman but killing a family including women and a cyclist and shooting small children does not bear the hallmarks of a carefully scheduled state-sponsored homicide <> So if it wasn’t an intelligence agency could it have been a contract killing? Carried out by someone in criminal matters underworld? Either lane the assassination blot at “Le Martinet” was perfectly targeted for a quick getaway As well as the road back up, which it seems the motorbike took the BMW could have taken one of various forest routes over the mountains It’s only a short distance to Italy and Switzerland <> French police have drawn all the vehicles in the area that day except two They’re still looking for the white motorbike and the gray-headed 4×4 Was this British auto known to the Al-Hilli family? <> <> <> <> <<…but a search of the caravan may have produced some clues…>> Investigators soon made a remarkable finding In the Al-Hilli’s caravan in the campsite where they’ve been biding As well as the children’s bikes there was something else in the caravan that would lead instantly to Britain <> Today their own families house in Claygate is lock the door and deserted But it’s here that investigators have discovered a entanglement of complex family relations centered around belonging As well as this house there were other apartments in England and in other plazas abroad This property portfolio have been put together by Kadhem Al-Hilli Saad’s and Zaid’s father who died in 2011 Kadhem had fled to Britain from Iraq in the seventies Investigators have tried to get to the bottom of the family history in Iraq to see if there was a motive here for the assassination Kadhem Al-Hilli formerly had factories and a farm Afraid of Saddam Hussein’s regime he’d exchanged some ventures But preserved a house in Baghdad After the twilight of Saddam the neighbourhood was tense and lawless The Al-Hilli’s old-fashioned home had been taken over by squats But the youngest son, Saad, went to try and get wise back <> Though he’d been threatened and beaten up Saad continued to try and resolve the problem in Iraq is able the assassination have been linked to the dispute over the belonging here? <> <> In Spain however sleuths would find more revealing information concerning the Al-Hilli family Kadhem retired there when his wife died about 10 years ago He bought a small flat in the village of Mijas And his sons would visit him there while he was still alive <> The flat was sold to Kadhem by a British property agent in the hamlet <> To people here they didn’t see many problems in the family or between the two brothers <> But under the surface there were frictions over the Al-Hilli property in Spain We know that Saad was troubled by what he detected his brother Zaid had done about the ownership their father-gods flat here in Mijas We understand Zaid, who discovered the flat, had tried to applied the dimension in his identify alone When his father objected, he changed it to his own and his father’s refer But Saad’s name was not on the deeds Zaid wished to accede to his first video interrogation saying he wanted to set things straight <> <> <> <> The house in Claygate was left to Zaid and Saad after their baby croaked and their father was just going Spain Zaid continued to live there, even after Saad marriage 10 years ago <> <> But we understand the brothers rapport had begun to turn sour <> <<This’s in December 2011 and Saad said…>> Sadd told his acquaintance James Matthews about the will in an extraordinary online exchange <> <> Saad believed two brothers are working to omit him from the legacy <> <> <> <> <> “In the end of feel it and I was nowhere mentioned” We understand that Saad objection Zaid who then caused a different will <> <> <> <> <> Zaid Al-Hilli had alarmed us that he could not talking here certain matters As the British police are analyse him over possible forgery After experiencing the will Saad began to investigate all other aspects of the family belongings and the brothers inheritance Relations swiftly deteriorated And concepts came to a manager afterward that year after their father expired <> <<No, it was it was very much silence They’d ended up communicating by lawyer He was writing to his lawyer and his lawyer was writing to his brother Which I thought was a shame And I’d hoped that the blood was thicker money>> <> <> <> <<Yes, tensions, disagreements>> <<No, no, no.

I wouldn’t say… you know, I mean, every… families have disagreements but it is not sort of… We mustn’t exaggerate them and… if you involve a solicitor… What does that mean? Does that mean something bad? On the contrary I think we did the right thing to involve a solicitor to have somebody who would deal with everything professionally>> The French researchers have told us the lawyer could be a key witness Though Zaid was still living there, by October 2011 there was open conflict in the Claygate house We’ve discovered the police is furthermore announced one night <> <> <> The following months Zaid moved out into another flat His brother and father-god had partly financed in nearby Chessington This one, Saad detected, had been registered in Zaid’s name alone <> <> <> Saad was get furious as he made clear in his online themes “I have been gathering information on my brother I’m appalled about the information I’ve gleaned Can he certainly be my brother? ” We also know that a few months after his brother left Claygate Saad changed the locks on the members of this house And he set protection cameras He had a Taser, extremely An electrical stun grease-gun Saad now thought, Zaid craved half the best interests of the the Claygate house, 400,000 L He was worried he’d have to sell the family residence “I talks to the house and all my work and earnings have gone to this house and you know how hard I worked in it” “yes” “and he says I will pay for none of it” <<That’s Zaid?!>> <> “Please be here in tribunal to tell them when I need you” “because I think that’s where it will end up, in court” <> <> <
Everything emanates from that I’ve never really wanted this Claygate house I knew that Saad liked the Claygate house Saad loves the house, he wants to stay there And I wouldn’t dream of asking him to get a mortgage and just on my account>> <> <> The police then made a fresh breakthrough in Switzerland The brethren papa had money here too in a private bank account There would be another construction in this complicated narrative We discovered that Kadhem Al-Hilli Saad and Zaid’s father set up an detail at this Bank in Geneva in 1988 He deposited 690,000 L And scarcely stroked it after that So a year before Kadhem died the bank was stunned to get a request from England not Spain, where he was living A request for a debit card to take fund from his account <> <> <> <> <> With the money in Switzerland and the owneds sleuths feel the Al-Hilli resources were worth over two million L <> <> <> By the end of August last year[ i.e.

Dramatical Murder Incorporated part 4

In 2012] Saad had had enough of the law wrangling The kinfolk went off to the Alps taking the records of the disputed inheritance with them Saad had taken out a legal block on his father’s will and registered his interest in the Chessington flat to stop two brothers exchanging it When the family reached the Alps Saad planned to go to the bank in nearby Geneva Investigators say each friend had told the Swiss bank not to liberate any money to the other <> <> <<It’s disturbing You can’t draw any conclusions today but it’s disturbing There is a closeness about the dates that is disturbing>> Within those two days, the killer impressed Not simply at Saad but his wife, mom in rule and children, more <> <> <> <<No, the people who killed my brother are the French>> <> <> <> <> <> <> From the start the French sleuths wanted Zaid Al-Hilli to come to Annecy But he has refused to be interviewed in France <> <> <> <> <<Why?>> <> But even before the funerals were held back home Zaid Al-Hhilli get willingly to the police in Surrey He would tell them he was in England with a pal at the time of the murders And that he and two brothers got on fine <> <
Is it? Because there are issues, serious issues worse serious issues between you?>> <
But I didn’t have issues>> <> <> <
> In June this year[ i.e. 2013] Zaid’s flat in Chessington was researched He was detained on idea of plot to slaughter and later bailed He has never been charged But the brothers falling out over the alleged scam involving the will and the Swiss bank account had been discovered soon after the murders nine months earlier So why the slow? <<We, the Swiss authorities, immediately passed on these documents After that I don’t know what happened When we met up in May [2013] with the British authorities I passed the documents on again>> <> <> <> <<It’s difficult even impossible to answer that question I think you’d have to ask the British investigators because that’s one of the problems with an international investigation French law is different from British law So the way of conducting an investigation is different>> Surrey and Sussex police told us as this is an ongoing investigation They cannot comment on operational matters They say they continue to work closely with the French <> <> A year after the alleys established that fateful tour there is still no evidence of who the artillery “mens and” his accomplices were A possible link to Romania has been rejected There’s no DNA no incriminating phone calls <> No, absolutely nothing Nothing It’s just someone who is a highly suffered gunman with a very cool brain He could kill several people in cold blood He could even believe killing a little girl with no problem So we’ve got a psychological profile Unfortunately we’ve got no precise information about the killer >> The French examiners say they will solve the whodunit of the assassination in the Alps nonetheless long it takes They have enough to keep 40 sleuths busy for another year at least Tracking thousands of telephone call made in the field and hundreds of emails But so far they have only one believe <> <<I’ve always refused to refer to him as our number one suspect But he is indeed the only person that we know, we’ve identified to whom we can put a face and who has a motive for the murders But what’s certain – whether it’s in France or Britain if he was judged in court tomorrow he’d be acquitted both here and in Britain He has a motive.

Dramatical Murder Incorporated part 5

But the fact that he has a motive, doesn’t make him the killer>> <> <> <> <> The French are not interested in a polygraph Zaid Al-Hilli likewise requires a judicial investigation And says he’ll put up a wage for information leading to the killers Brett Martin, the man who discovered the assassination still goes his bicycle up the mountain street to “Le Martinet” <<I’d very intentionally gone back there So that it now is a normal thing to do to ride on the road without fear of what went on in the past Because I still think that you can’t live your life in permanent fear and… of what might be in the shadows>> Saad’s friends were afraid that whoever is behind the murders may never be held accountable <> <> <
But I don’t hold out that much hope I think without DNA evidence I don’t think there’s any way of solving it>> The two little girls who survived the killings in the Alps spent months under the protection of social services Zainab and Zeena have now been allowed to live with one of their mother’s relatives but haven’t seen their uncle <> <> For Zaid Al-Hilli whose brother was assassinated and whose honour has been damaged the last year has been very painful <> The fright of what happened in the Alps is still all too real for everyone involved For the family members of Sylvain Mollier For the girls whose parents and grandmother were savagely murdered And for the friend which continued to under suspicion

Dramatical Murder

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