Chechnya gay camps Inside Chechnya Prison With Ramzan Kadyrov

Chechnya Prison Where Gay Men Say They Were tortured

Chechnya gay camps

Chechnya gay camps In Chechnya, dozens of gay mortals have been detained, thump, and tortured in a purge of the Republic’s LGBT population, according to human rights groups. Chechnya is a republican Islamic country, and being gay is deemed to be a scandal that delivers shame on entire families. In fact, Chechen authorities deny that there are any lesbian people there at all. And if there are no homosexual people there, “theyre saying”, there couldn’t possibly have been a crackdown. Hind Hassan traveled to Chechnya to see the evidence.

— Ayub Kataev extends the Ministry for Internal Affair in the Chechen town of Argun. He’s the warden of the town’s prison.

Kataev and his subordinates allegedly took part in torturing more than 100 homosexual humen as part of a crackdown ordered by high-level officials. Victims claim they were locked up and attacked in the vacated Argun police facility, and other locations in Chechnya. — As soon as we arrived in Argun we were met by police officers, and we’re currently being escorted by around six vehicles, who are taking us to one of the locations where it’s alleged the victims were held.

As far as we’re aware, we’re the first foreign reporters that have been taken here … — Can we go inside? — Oh, “theres” footprints everywhere. There are people that have been walking around here. And there are rooms everywhere that people could be taken into. — Chechnya is part of the Russian Federation. Which intends it’s supposed to adhere to Russian law. But in reality, Chechnya’s president, Ramzan Kadyrov, has the freedom to run his republic the course he craves — in return for pledging his allegiance to Vladimir Putin.

— Tanya Lokshina is the Russian Director at Human Rights Watch and an expert on Chechnya.

— We were also told that there have been investigators from Moscow who have visited the website. Can you tell us at what stage that investigation is at and what they’re expecting to get from it? — I signify, current realities is that there is nobody here now, but … what the human rights organizations would say is they’ve been removed, they’ve been taken off this home, of course, as soon as it gained international attention. Is there anything that you can use to prove this didn’t happen? — But it may not be a matter of imagery. VICE News spoke to one of the alleged victims who viewed our footage and said categorically that he acknowledged both the prison builds, and Ayub Kataev. The victim told us he was electrocuted within the complex. He added that he was ” 200 percent” certain that he remembers being brought to his knees and beaten by Kataev.

— You’ve been personally named as one of the police officers who had taken its participation in the torturing. How do you respond to this? — Are you saying that the human rights organizations are lying? Are you saying that these victims are lying? And why would they do that? — But there’s a precedent for this type of allegation.

The Kadyrov’s regime has been accused of viciously repressing protesters through enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killings.

Kadyrov has cultivated an image as a strongman– his social media posts depict him works out and practicing mixed martial art. His government has a human rights council which “officially” deals with these complaints. Kheda Saratova is the head: — Why would anybody who’s gay go to somebody who works for the government because there’s a risk to their life? — We encountered several Chechen gay men who had fled to Moscow, after they feared their lives were at risk — sometimes from their own family members. They asked for their identities to be concealed to protect their safety. — Many of the victims we convened told us they are continuing don’t feel safe, even after leaving Chechnya. — What’s it like to be a lesbian mortal in Chechnya? — What’s it been like having to leave your family, and your friends, and their own lives behind ?.

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