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BEST MOTIVATION 2017 THE WARRIOR MINDSET MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS. There is suffering and I was waiting like 297 pounds and I had to make a change in my life. You know I was at all-time low-pitched and I wasn’t going anywhere and I was exactly what everybody said. I was going to be which was nothing so I had to make a change. You’re scared adolescent and the only behavior I could find myself was to made myself through the most difficult thought probable. I’m gonna say the exact opposite of what the world today’s. World is saying in the end like what would your admonition be to that 16 time old teenager of staring in the reflect does not like what he insures. But is still rolling from trouble well my biggest suggestion to him is that first of all he won’t like what I say to him and I’m gonna say the exact opposite of what the world today’s world is saying this is why we read a knot of bibles nowadays as humans we we want to find out how to be someone else what we don’t do we don’t go inside so literally transform yourself inside out read the book that says like we’re writing a notebook every day of our lives but we never speak that diary so what I would invite this young man or young lady to do is you have to look inside of yourself and identify what you really demand why are you passionate about we use these words and these little words of exclusively the strong subsist and likewise the crap they’re all only fucking utterances I get so tired of hearing people just talking that right now someone may think Gaga is just talking you don’t know me so when I pronounce BEST MOTIVATION I address from Pasha I communicate from experience I speak from accepting I want to tell this young man and woman that the only room I believe this is just my own experience in life the only route you’re ever going to get to the other side of this jaunt is you have got to suffer to stretch to germinate it was necessary to lose and some people get onto so they won’t so long story short-lived what I realized was no one was here to cure me in the detect I had every morning I started saving my whisker now 16 years old and the thought I had every morning I seemed in the reflect was gruesome and I don’t wanna feel like that anymore and how I appeared was a little kid going nowhere a kid that was scared and most kids will accept that and look for help but best available happen that happened to me no one facilitated me no one find sorry for me no one looked at me and said like this day and age they’ll they’ll take you in and it’ll tell you bye stop picking on this person back then any upkeep we’re all “were all” immense no matter if if you think you’re foolish and maybe think you’re overweight no matter you are fat or have you been bullied or no matter if you got back from Iraq or Afghanistan and you have no legs or your arms or whatever soul we all have greatness it just you got to find the courage you got to find the gallantry to put your Bose headphones on and silence the interference out of this world and to find it and the funding comes out there but it’s going to take hard work firmnes self-discipline it’s going to take all the non-cognitive knowledge all the non-cognitive abilities been wonderful you know smart is good all the stuff is good that’s all cognitive it’s the non-cognitive knowledge that sets you apart from everybody else and and that’s what it’s all about I I lied for beings to accept me because I did consent myself so I would make up stories so that you would accept me into your world I would uh everything I did was for someone else to like me it was until I started reading my own diary about how piteous I was as human being I could blame my pa I can blame minors at institution I could blame having state concerns ATD my momma BEST MOTIVATION not being around great mom but she was doing her act I could condemn a lot of populations and that’s the book I was reading and I positioned it off on everybody else they wouldn’t try so you know what for me to fix this I get a spoken what the hell what the hell is is inaccurate with David God wasn’t going to be a punk kid all my life so in a way I could turn around was to tolerate I had to build calluses in my psyche the same mode I construct calluses on my hands so I produced the Guinness Book of World Records for pulse long ago but I felt at it twice and I did 67,000 pull-ups and trying to break this account so to do four thousand thirty pull-ups I had to do 67 thousand for training for that Wow and so what I realized is for me to become the man I want to become I ensure myself as the weakest person God ever originated but I’ve never condemned God for anything he did to me so I wanted to change that to be the hardest subject ever created in my that I don’t know but he had to have a aim and my goal when I was sitting there not attending school being bullied being at has no such self-esteem my goal was the only person that’s gonna divert this person around it’s me you know like Anna turned around has put myself through the most difficult occasions probable a human being going to be able to weather and I’d be the only mode that I can construct this psyche to handle anything that comes in front of it callus in my recollection do hurting and affliction but they have to see what their pilgrimage is to start their excursion several people live to be a hundred years old and they have huge lives and they have immense boys the girls go to college and all kind of trash but somewhere in their life there was a point where the government has the decision to shape they can go left or right on this road left was the easy road right was a hard route a great deal of beings make the easy superhighway and they had a good life that style but the better life was going to the right side a human being is not so human anymore we have the ability to go in such a opening if you’re willing to stand and I represent accept your brain and your body once connected together can do anything incitement comes and proceeds when you’re driven whatever’s in front of you are able to get destroyed and you may have twenty years of anguish and digest to get past it but a good deal of us die never genuinely starting our wander and I would tell this young person you got to start your expedition it is likely to suck but it will it will come out the other side where you’re coasting they stopped listening to people who are calling you fatty homosexual transsexual nigger everything that is induces no gumption all these insecure beings putting their insecurities on you you gotta flush it out you got to merely be whoever the blaze God or whatever the inferno you believe in if you believe in nothing but yourself I don’t care what it is you’re gonna take everything and throw it away you have to believe in one thing and that is yourself my biggest opinion to give everybody in the world is like I say we live in an external life everything is is you got to see it touch its external if you are able for the rest of their own lives live inside of yourself and parties may listen to this and say this guy is sadistic he’s crazy no if you know how I came up you realise I was just a scared child that determined Drive and passion to be something much better than what he thought about that’s all it is even the hardest souls in times of abiding which is something we do was we forget how far we really are that’s what standing is declining is a test it’s all of its accepting is a genuine research of life self-talk can visualization with two keys the very bestest did I leave everything inside of me out there so criticizing is not like all what a breeze there’s a jazz subject be the best best available is I’m learning to get himself in everything I’m here that’s that’s my attack I affected myself I’m always investigating myself so the matters that we run from we run it from the truth we’re running from the truth lover so the only method I grew successful was going towards the truth as distressing and as merciless as it is it changed me it allowed me to become in my own freedom Who am today when you look in the reflect that’s the one person you can’t lie to so every morning I would reduce my psyche thank God I wonder back on some of the lies I may have told soul or some of the ways I acted I ain’t find comfortable doing and I did it to affect other normal people the key word there is normal daily parties I was trying to stimulate other people like me how pathetic is that your scalp become more of a human being don’t be afraid of the thinking in the reflect because that’s all you can be afraid of once you overcome the thought in the mirror you’ve done it but if you can get through to doing things that you hate to do on the other side is greatness that’s what beings are saying by me rolling I am heartless in my thinker I’m not training for a hasten I’m training for life I’m training for the time and I get that two o’clock in the morning call that my mommy is dead or something happens fatal in life I don’t fall apart I’m teaching my judgment and my torso my flavor testifies all one so I can handle what Michaels gonna throw at me because the life I’ve lived it those are old blunt wars and if you’re not physically extremely ready for that you’re just gonna crumble good for none but the mentality of a warrior is quite different you know mentality you must be that person on that doorway Oh get ready to open BEST MOTIVATION it mulling to yourself if I croak so be the only method you can go in that door there’s no there’s a great fortune you’re gonna die open your motherfucking going home because they’re gonna retain you by gradually openness and peeking in so if you’re gonna open it and you obliged them on to open it don’t sound it open open the fucking door go in that’s with life if you choose to do if you’re chose to do something onrush it because they’re gonna recollect you as not affecting it so I want to be remembered they are able to hate me but one thing you can’t say about me I didn’t assault it so that’s them attire you have if you’re gonna do something you are able to as well attack it hopefully I can help people that believe that they’re much less than what they truly are help them find greatness in themselves and greatness isn’t operating towards it miles at a time or doing 4,000 flings to becoming a seal greatness is whatever the blaze you dreamed of in your own recollection you got to firstly see it you got firstly create this imagination in your thinker and then that’s when I come into play once you organize this eyesight in your psyche it’s how am I gonna got to get and that’s we’re not coming to play but first you got to create your own image and it’s not externally it’s the the busines developed is inside of you so until you generate that I’m nobody to you Subtitles by the BEST MOTIVATION 2017



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