Fried Chicken $17 Vs $500 Trying Chicken Deep Fried

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken $17 Vs $500


– Oh look who it is. Andrew! Andrew! – How did you find me? – It is the day. The day we’ve all been waiting for. Fried chicken. – Fried chicken. – Fried chicken. – Let’s eat that fried chicken. – Alrighty. – Alrighty. – Today, okay. We are in New York City, newborn. Today on worth it, we are going to be trying three deep-fried chicken spots at three drastically different price points to find out which fried chicken is the most worth it at its price.

– Let’s go. – We gotta talk about it. – My name is Kenneth Woods. I’m president and CEO of Sylvia’s. I’m a son of Sylvia, as a matter of fact. – It’s an iconic home, this eatery. – Yeah, back in the 60′ s, everyone was leaving the South and coming to the city. Sylvia’s is home away from home.

Everyone appeared comfortable. The hotshots, the politicians, the momma and pop. A few weeks ago we had three birthdays. Dames that was all over 90 years old, and three different parties. – The great equalizer. – We do it traditional Southern style. Just like how my grandmother are applied to stimulate her chicken. – Is that where the recipe comes from, is a family recipe? – Yeah. We use a three and a half pound chicken, decorate it good, then season it evenly, don’t exactly season it and throw it in the fryer.

Massage it like when you scavenge a babe with the baby petroleum on them. That’s how you do the chicken. – You create a newborn with affection and you create a fried chicken with cherish. – That’s right, you consider the fried chicken with cherish. Let it marinade, then floods it in all-purpose flour. Pat it to knock off the excess, fry it for 12 minutes and enjoy what you’re doing. – Yeah. – It’s amazing to be the oldest, the authentic, the original, all of those little mottoes, you are familiar with, mean something.

– Alright, well I think its time to try the deep-fried chicken. – Fried freaking chicken. – One of best available fleshes with one of best available preparations. Welcome to flavor town. Oh male. Oh, there’s like a additional crunchy little bit right here. – The skin is a perfect shell. – It’s like a suit of armour for a chicken knight. – You ready? – I am ready.

– Oh my gosh, it’s so juicy on the back. – I’m ready. – To fried chicken. Mmmm. – That’s( bleep) good.

– Oh I’m lost. Oh wait no, I’m in fried chicken paradise. That is like music to my ears. It’s so juicy inside. It’s just melting like butter. – It’s a nutrient that takes a bath when it gets cooked, it has to be good. I’m scandalized at how simple-minded the preparation, actually, is to get this make. – That’s when you know you’ve mastered a workmanship, when you can make it seem easy. – It really is seasoned down to the bone.

Maybe the saddest seem at a fried chicken dinner.( bone clinking on dish) That was less dramatic than I thought it would be. – Dramatic or drumatic? – Did you just make a pun? – Dra-matic or dru-matic? – I recollect Steven just made a really good pun.

– Yeah that was on purpose. Let’s try some of the collard greens. – That is the perfect happening to eat alongside of this. Pretty( bleep) good privilege? – Just strolled out of Sylvia’s, which is right there. We’re going to Red Rooster, which is over there. But, we need to walk off some off this deep-fried chicken. So, wanna talk a lap around the blocking? What did you think about Sylvia’s? – Crispy, simple-minded, juicy. Can’t ask for more than that. – So now we’re going to … – Wait, wait, wait, do you hear that? That’s the sound of: fried chicken happening. Harmonizing to the National Chicken Council, the average American eats over 90 pounds of chicken each year. – I guess that draws sense. It’s gross when you think about it.

Just depicting a 90 pound chicken that looks like a rottweiler. – Ew. – I guess that’s like likely what a small dinosaur would look like.

– Your tummy feeling okay? – It’s ready for more, it’s always “re ready for” more. – Alrighty. – Did you simply try to hold my hand? – What , no. You’re standing closer to me. Okay. – Fried chicken. – Welcome everybody. My figure is Chef Marcus Samuelsson. Right now, you’re at Red Rooster. When I thought about Red Rooster, it was about, “How do I undertake fried chicken? ” Being neighbor with “the worlds largest” iconic restaurant in Harlem of all time, Sylvia’s, we can talk a lot about what we have it common. What does it mean to be a restaurant in a community like Harlem? For me, it’s all about hiring. We have about 180 employees, 70% from Harlem and so I could never have dreamt that all levels of society would take so much ownership of the restaurant. It’s a push and pull. When we make a mistake, they’ll let us know, when we improve something, they’ll let us know. – What is the name of the dish we’re having today? – Fried Yard Bird. Yard Bird to me most like fowls running around in the back, you know, when you didn’t have meat, you could go out into the yard and exactly cut a chicken.

And it’s something that both from my Ethiopian and my Swedish heritage.

I want a seasoned petroleum, so I’m flavoring it with a little of rosemary, and garlic. We have our bird. A little bit of pickling brine, carbohydrate, salt, little bit of buttermilk. Better occasion is that the fowl can be there overnight. And then in our flour combination, we have a shake, but it’s the one part that I will let you know that’s in that mix. – And what is that? – That is a spice mingle from Ethiopia. Large chilies , not super spiced ginger, garlic, it has this beautiful savor of Ethiopia. You want the right amount of flour, so you get that crunchiness. I territory on twice fried chicken. The first fry is actually all about cooking it through. Then you elevate it out, let it rest. Then you exactly dip it again and fry it to get really nice and crunchy.

I have a little bit of petroleum from that flavored petroleum that we cooked in, little bit of honey, and our Rooster sauce.

All of that substance that I’ve used, comes back in. It’s really a reflection of poor man’s prepare. If you ever think about the meat of the South, everyone that was working class consume pretty much the same. Out of that came certain flavor stages. As the migration moved specific populations up, the nutrient remain. Undoubtedly, it savor different in New York or Detroit than it does in Virginia or Kentucky. The techniques bide just as much as jazz came up, and today we have hip hop-skip because of it.

The DNA is genuinely the nutrients of the migration. – So we got the Yard Bird. – We also got some bourbon on the rocks, because it’s a red-hot era in Harlem. – Oh I’m ready now. Strangely, very sweet. – Yeah, he said there’s a hot honey in that. Hot honey is what they called me in high school. – Tell me who called you that. – No one. – Dibs on that one. – Sure, go for it.

Because this one’s clearly better.

– Oooh. – Smells so good. Oh my deity. – I got it on my nose. Chicken heartens. – That is some juicy chicken, sacred( bleep ). – That is a sophisticated flavor. – It’s that nice, deep, roasted, slightly bitter nuts flavor that he was talking about. – Andrew with the adjectives. – Adjective Andrew. – Ooh. – I can’t believe how juicy this meat is. And the skin is … – Perfection. – Oh,( bleep ). – I just got some surface in my Bourbon. – The skin is crispy and it melts in your mouth. That’s like making love and I don’t have any suffer in that department. – Really? – I don’t, but if I’m gonna be honest here, that’s what I envisage it’s like. The chicken and I have become one. – You know what, I’m not gonna spoil anything for you.

I got it all over my face, I know.

-[ Cameraman] You look like the Joker. It’s so good. – It’s crazy. – Can I jump in? – Please. – I genuinely reckoned I was gonna get to eat that, but it’s okay. – Should we go to the cornbread next to soak this up? – It’s grimy, gentleman. – Grimy in a good way? -( Chef Marcus) Yeah, text to the chick. And like that, he’s gone. The structural soundnes of this skin with the coating is unreal.

It’s like soft and supple, but strong and mysterious. – Adjective Andrew, back at it again. – Adjective Andrew. Sweet potato yams. The yams are like dessert minced potatoes. So there’s one part of chicken left. Can I have it? – Can we order some more? – I expected Marcus if he had any suggestions for dessert. – It’s so hot. – Switches out, Make My Cake, shapes some great cake. Thank you. That may have been … – It was the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. I said it first.

– I couldn’t have said it better … – We went to the quintessential Harlem fried chicken spot.

– Now we’re going to: fried chicken fact town. – Oh, I forgot about that. – How much chicken do you think the United States eats each year? – A trillion chickens. – A trillion chickens? – I’ll recalculate a little bit. – Alright, recalibrate. – Two billion chickens. – Not bad, eight billion chickens.

– Eight billion? – Eight billion chickens. – So we ate a billion chickens, I was only a billion off. – No, we feed eight billion chickens. – So we are only went to Sylvia’s, the quintessential deep-fried chicken place. – Iconic. – Red Rooster. – Game changer. – Now, we’re going downtown. Fried chicken will be served at a noodle table. It’s really hot in New York, my psyche no good , no more. – Hi, I’m Dave Chang. We’ve met before. We’re at Momofuku Noodle Bar, in the East Village.

– Last-place day we saw you was in Korea.

– I think you should try to eat the long pepper. – Is it good? – Yeah, it’s spicy as( bleep ). – Woooo. Now, we get to try your nutrient. Does that shape you nervous? – I’m panicked. – Why? – Because I’m competitive, and if we don’t win- – It’s not a competition. – I’m maybe the most competitive person. Basically, we’re dishing fried chicken like peking duck with caviar. I understand how stupid and nearly douche-y it clangs. By no intends am I trying to disrespect fried chicken or caviar. I think it wields tremendously. The person that’s actually cooking is Tony Kim. He’s executive chef of all the Noodle Bars. Anytime Tony cooks, it’s a consider. We brine the chicken in a buttermilk answer for a day, the buttermilk helps tenderize it, gives it flavor. Great fried chicken is about getting fissures as it fries.

Doing this is about creating irregularity in the batter. We’ve created a dredge for it of flour, spices.

And then when fry it whole. We let it rest for at the least 30 hours, because you don’t want it super hot. Generate all the sauces and the garnish. Scallion crepes, lily-white sauce, chives, and creme fraise. We’re devising it with what I believe is the best domestic caviar, by Regalis. Some of the most beautiful Sturgeon.

We’re also gonna pair it with some smoked Trout roe. The salinity and oceanic brininess of the caviar is perfect for the white meat. Present it table line-up, testify it to you, and then we’re gonna drawing it back, slice it. That’s actually a trickier process. You’re sort of peeling the skin and cutting at the same duration. Assemble it like you would with a peking duck. This is not something you are able to chew everyday. If you guys are meeting your friends in New York City, and you haven’t seen them in a few years, this is the kind of dinner that you’d want. And if you break it down, amongst, five to six people, it’s not that bad.

– As a friend of Worth It, would you do the honor in dining with us today? – This is gonna be great. This is one of my favorite things to eat. – That looks nice. – A slew of Chinese New Year ducks ingest this way.

– Is this just like a big chicken and the egg laugh? – Chicken, egg, and caviar.

That’s one of the most classic culinary pairings. This is just a mature egg. I’m gonna draw you one, how about that? I’m gonna let you do white meat, simply to appreciate. This is creme fraise with scallions. Again, this is something that’s a traditional ornament. – Oh yeah. – Sturgeon from Idaho. – Cheer. Hello sunshine, hello sky Hello lily-white clouds swimming by Hello cooling summertime breeze Coming whistling through the trees Hello sand and hello oceans – Wow, okay, alright. – I hate how good this is. Those are the two most awesome textures side by side. – This is like one of the more complex occasions I’ve eaten, even though it’s so simple. – I’ll see you one with the Trout roe. It’s very different. Hello positivity encircling everything I learn Hello happy, hello free Hello you and hello me – Okay.

– That is( bleep) crazy. – Travelling from the really hot, fried crisp and then having those foams pop in your lip afterward.

It’s like going to the fair, and then the fireworks pop off, all in your mouth. – It reminds me of a refrigerator raid. For some reason, I didn’t eat all of this awesome nutrient. We have a scallion hotcake, we’ve got some chicken. Oh,( bleep) and I get caviar. – Is it odd to mingle the two? – I’ve actually never done that. You’re gonna be establishing biography here. – Pioneer. Not as good. – You require in on this real quick, Adam? – Can I oblige him one?( tittering) – Oh, you’re doing something that I like.

The drumstick, coated. – I actually wanted to dip this in the caviar, but I thought it would be rude for you guys. – No , no , no , no, that’s not rude at all.

– It’s not? – This is like a fever reverie. – Oh,( bleep ). Okay. I’ve never cursed on camera in this prove before. That bite was so good. – I didn’t even talk to you about that. I wanted to see if someone was going to do what you did, in snacking that fried chicken that course. – Yeah? – And you sort of delivered the Willy Wonka test. – Goddamn it. – It’s a tin of paddlefish. – Woah. – It’s cheaper, but you can get lane more of it. If we’re gonna see fried chicken caviar, tells go all the way. Just dunk it in and crust the whole thing.

– Where are we? Woah. – This is like an ice cream cone with disperses on it. – Cheers.( giggling) – I’m sorry, I only can’t not laugh at this. – That’s the whole phase. I’m in it to acquire it, mortal. – This is going to spoilt me, I imagine. You know those strange people that fetching their own salad dressing to a eatery? -[ David] Yeah.

– I’m gonna start to access to fried chicken eateries with my own tin of caviar. – I adoration mixing things that are high-low, or happenings that aren’t supposed to, traditionally, go together. When I’m looking at this, I’m inspired by France, China, the American South. So, for me it’s genuinely not about the scandalize appreciate at all. It’s about always, number one, that it’s delicious. Number two, respecting the cultures that you’re taking it from. Yes, this is sort of perverse, but if “youve been” look at it, it really sort of manufactures sense. – Yeah, and at the end of the day, I don’t care what you’re putting together, if it takes good in my mouth, that’s all that matters.

( chortling) – Here you go, sir. – Thank you. Oh my deity. – Really get it in there. Crust it, crust it. This is like where filming a rap video or something. – You simultaneously drooled while you tried to take those last-place gnaws. – Feels like you’re doing something wrong, right? – Alright should I just say my win? – You know what, yeah. – Noodle Bar. – I predicted you would say Red Rooster. – I know, I visualized I was too. The single best gnaw of meat today was the first bite of the Red Rooster Yard Bird, but for this similarity kind of situation, I pick Noodle Bar.

People regularly spend 150 dollars or more ascertaining their favorite artist.

You could quite easily acquire the contention that going out to a dinner like that is as powerful a conduct, if you will. – Wow, let me break it down for you how it should actually move. Sylvia’s is the OG. She specified the color for fried chicken in America. But, I speculated Red Rooster was gonna be all of our Worth It wins, because Red Rooster is my Worth It winner of today.

– As it was necessary to. I signify it was real( bleep) good. – It genuinely was the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. It was supernatural. Adam? Who was your Worth It winner. I know what you’re gonna say, you’re gonna choose the same one as him. No, you’re not. No, you’re not. Are you serious? – Adam picks Momofuku Noodle Bar. Thank you for watching the fried chicken occurrence. Worth It, out. I affection a mix of layers, very pleasing. That’s something I aspire to have in my own dwelling, but I think it takes a long time. Maybe one really hard weekend of antiquing and I could get it together.

– Ugh I necessitate some more bourbon. -[ Steven] Oh yes ..

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Fried Chicken $17 Vs $500 Chicken Fried

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